5 Quick Reads- Worth Reading.

It’s not just because of the limited time we all have: We love short books for their burst of energy and epiphany. Short books whisk us off to another world and then (usually) deposit us right back where we used to be.

Also if you are a newbie at reading, quick reads are the best to start with.

So here are some quick reads, that you can enjoy on a Sunday afternoon or when you stay up all night.

NAME: It’s no longer a Dream!

AUTHOR: Sanjeev Ranjan

GENRE: Contemporary Fiction, Inspirational

RATINGS: 3.5/5

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It’s No Longer A Dream is all about collecting the shattered pieces of meaning of life, love and relationships and bringing them back to a whole again.

Akshat Diwan is a boy who enjoys all the tangible happiness in his life. But peace is what he cannot buy. Daily fight by his parents, not getting love from his parents lead to – He not believing in love. Frustrated, he sets to a solo, unknown journey seeking peace. But finds a stranger who leads him to the meaning of Love and Life.

Unlike many books about lost love, this would help you believe in Love.

This was a really quick read, and was really inspiring !

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NAME: Never Kiss Your Best friend

AUTHOR: Sumrit Shahi

GENRE: Romantic Fiction, YA

RATINGS: 3.8/5

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Never Kiss Your Best Friend redefines the rules of friendship with its story of a boy and a girl who are soulmates in every sense, but their relationship doesn’t make any sense.

This book will rekindle your memory of all the crazy and stupid things that you have done in your teenage years.

This book is the sequel of ‘Just Friends’ , but if you haven’t read it, don’t worry, you will still get this one.

This book is a roller coaster, and would not let you get your hands off from it, making it a really quick read.

“This Book will engulf you” mark the words!!

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NAME: Are You Afraid Of the Dark

AUTHOR: Sidney Sheldon

GENRE: Thriller, Fiction

RATINGS: 3.8/5

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In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin, four people have died separately in apparent accidents. Two women — the widows of two of the dead — find themselves under ruthless attack and are drawn together in fear, confusion and for mutual protection. But are they being targeted because one of them is the prosecution witness at a famous criminal trial? Or is there a connection to the mystery behind their husband’s deaths?

From the beginning to the end this book is a total mystery, no page turns without creating a new suspense, this book will leave you in tears and HORROR!

This book is surely a quick read, just pull an all nighter.

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NAME: Chocolate Gutar Momos

AUTHOR: Kenny Deori  Basumatary

GENRE: Romcom Fiction

RATINGS: 3.5/5

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No suspense, no bloodshed, no thrill, just an easy going, sweet romcom (Romantic comedy).

Chocolate Guitar Momos kicks off with young aspiring musician Joseph getting kicked out of a relationship, yet again, by his third girl- friend. Believing that relationships won’t work out unless they’re destined to be, he decides to track down a girl he believes might have been his soulmate—a girl who had smiled at him from a bus stop across the street eight years ago. The minor obstacle: he knows nothing of her—no name, no address, nothing. The major obstacle: he doesn’t even remember her face!

Still he finds her, and the meaning of  true love!!

An easy page turner, perfect on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea/coffee.

Buy it here

NAME: Train to Pakistan

AUTHOR: Khushwant Singh

GENRE: Historical, cultural, fiction


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One of the classics by the great Khushwant Singh

A story from the times during the partition of India- Pakistan.

Story of a small village Mano Majra, where Sikhs and Muslims have lived together in peace for hundreds of years. Then one day, at the end of the summer, the “ghost train” arrives, a silent, incredible funeral train loaded with the bodies of thousands of refugees, bringing the village its first taste of the horrors of the civil war. Train to Pakistan is the story of this isolated village that is plunged into the abyss of religious hate. It is also the story of a Sikh boy and a Muslim girl whose love endured and transcends the ravages of war.

Regarded as one of the most heart-rending testimonials of the partition of 1947, the Train to Pakistan is an ideal novel for those who wish to learn more about India’s past and is looking for more than the socio-political scenario behind the partition.

A really quick read, but the story will remain in your heart forever.!!

Buy it here

So these were some quick reads, hope that you enjoy reading them.

Which one are you picking up first?

Comment down below!



  1. Thank you for bringing this books to my attention. I would love to read all this books. But have you read the book “13 reasons why” by Jay Asher. I have heard it is worth to read. I don’t think it will disappoint you.

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